1. @effurstilo is publishing it’s first photography editorial (shot by me!) this Wednesday starring the incredible @himynameiscamila! #WednesdayWine

  2. My life. (Literally).

  3. Modeled for & interviewed photographer Ryan Hockett… 

    Click the photograph to read the incredible story of his life as a photographer. 

  4. @waveyjones89 photoshoot at the Washington/Jefferson Skatepark. #LiVEtheDREAM

  5. iPhone preview of yesterday’s shoot with the always gorgeous @himynameiscamila for the @effurstilo editorial.

  6. Behind-the-Scenes at the shoot today shot by Arturo.

  7. Shoot today was epic!!! The lovely Savannah Boyd & @derpstickers. (Directed by Sarah Koski)

  8. Feeling raps.

  9. #throwback to #Prague w @shivslider

  10. Always.

  12. 5AM, Club Rio, Budapest (2010)

  13. Alaskan Wilderness.

  14. Me & Rusty Exchanging Puppy Eyes… Get it?

  15. Real Shit! 😂